Great Savior, who sent the Comforter! For the temptations which he has overcome in us; for the comfort he has given us; for the fruits he was worked in us; for the glimpses of your love he has unfolded; and for the hopes he has inspired, I lovingly thank you.
Great Burden-bearer, I bring to you my anxieties and cares about myself and my dear ones; about my body and soul; about the things of this life and those of eternity. I cannot carry them; they rob me of peace and strength. Will you take them, Heavenly Lord, and carry them for me?
Father, my heart is somewhat apprehensive when I contrast the spirit of your blessed Son with the storm and strife of life; but be with me, and may my soul keep its Sabbaths.
Gracious Lord! May the Holy Spirit keep me ever walking in the light of your countenance. May he fill my heart with the sense of your nearness and loving fellowship. Order my steps in your way, and then walk with me. Teach me to do the thing that pleases you.
You have taught me to look for the time when all creation shall be made free with the glorious liberty of the children of God. Bring that glorious day, O Lord, when your own hand shall wipe tears from all faces and the former things will pass away.
Giver of peace! May peace be in this house; peace be in the homes of those who love me; peace be with the tired workers and lonely pilgrims and sin-weary hearts; your peace, Heavenly Father!
I humbly ask, O Christ, that your peace may be the garrison of my heart with its affections, and of my mind with its many thoughts, that it may ever rule over the tumultuous passions that build in me. And out of this peace may I rise to serve.
Holy Spirit, may my heart be filled with your love, my lips with gently helpful words, and my hands with kind, unselfish deeds. May those who see me know that I have been with Jesus. May the fragrance of his presence be spread in every act.
Great Lord of all! I pray for this great world, especially for those who in distant lands are sharing your gospel. Bless them in their work and encourage them when their hearts are faint. May they remember that they are fellow-workers with you.
Great Creator! I am nothing better than common earthenware; but may I be cleansed and purified and filled with your heavenly treasure. Dip me deep into the river of life, and give refreshment through me to many parched and weary hearts.